28 January, 2013

Monday Morning Distraction

While reading through my RSS news feeds, it occurred to me that there was a bumper crop of plausible band names in the headlines. For example:

  • Why the Anger?
  • Can't help but watch
  • Sexual Myopia
  • Relationship Deal Breakers
  • No One Dies on a Plane
  • It Might Not be the Flu
  • Revenge Porn Site
  • Man Boots Own Car
  • Covered in Leeches
  • Cell Phones Ring with Calls for the Dead
  • Bipartisan Group of Senators
  • Rise and Fall of Sarah Palin
  • Comatose Sharon
  • None of the Above Party
  • Harry the Nazi
  • The Citizen Cane of Awful
  • French Revolution for Dummies
  • Hillary and Barack's Lovefest
  • Urgency of Growth

And that's just from a quick pass at this morning's news!

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